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Currently, we have different kinds of decorated panels which includes integrated wallboard,ceilings PVC panel,marble sheet UV panel, etc.








Changle Yongshun Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in weifang changle, the beautiful capital of kites in the world and the hometown of precious stones in the world. Is a science and technology company with independent research and development and full independent intellectual property rights, the company was established in October 2007, now the name has been approvedIn. line with the spirit of national entrepreneurship, the factory relies on advanced production technology and equipment, always adhere to the quality of survival, credibility and development of the business philosophy, so that the market competitiveness of products constantly improve.At present, the company's main products are: three-dimensional stone, PVC Panel and other decorative materials board.No formaldehyde, benzene, radiation and other harmful substances, the surface of the product wear-resisting, scratch resistance, hardness up to 3h-6h, waterproof, A to B1 fire, high temperature resistance, light weight, stone weight only 1/6, can effectively reduce the wall load, convenient construction, energy saving, durable, is an ideal substitute for natural stone.Widely used for interior and exterior decoration, such as building exterior wall, tunnel, subway, airport, shopping mall, hospital, kitchen, toilet, laboratory and other occasions.